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Playa Venao Surf is consistent year around
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Playa Venao Surf
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Playa Venao Surf is consistent year around,

Accommodating surfers of all skill levels.

The peak season for surfing, with steady off-shore winds and consistent swells, lasts from around December to May, although the bigger swells will come around march. From that time onwards you can expect more consistent swells with variable winds. The winds will variate between South and North throughout the day with different intensities. In most cases, the glassy mornings will dominate and after 10:00 -11:00 am you can expect some onshore winds which for the most advanced surfers will mean ¨ramps” and "airs¨. In the late afternoon it mostly will calm down again to glassy. After rains it’s most likely to get really glassy.

Playa Venao Surf is a regional classic. This place was discovered in the 60´s and since then it has attracted mayor surfers from around the world, like Tom Curren, Matt Archbold, Sunny Garcia and others. The most recent exposure has been from International Contests held by Billabong, Reef, the ALAS (Latinamerican Surf Association) and local Panamanian Surf Circuit which has brought all kinds of surf pros from around the world and international media. Playa Venao keeps growing in development with new real estate projects every day. For us and many others this might not be the coolest thing but is an unstoppable reality. 

Other surf breaks in the Playa Venao area;

a) Madroño: this is a private property with difficult access. However, if you are adventurous you might want to hike or even swim from the rocks at sight from Venao Cove accommodations. This surfbreak is a Left sandy slab type of wave and worth the shot for those who like to get barreled. The wave is best at medium tides. There are other breaks in the same bay but the left hander is the main attraction.

b) Punta Marfil:  this is a RIGHT hand point break popping from shallow rocks. This surf break is also a good barrel at the beggining of the drop and later on it gets fat. Its a rock bottom floor with a few sharp barnacle areas. Best tides is negative low tides.

c) El Ciruelo: this is a LEFT hander point that moves through each set, it can be a tricky one. Its a rock bottom floor, best surf at mid or even low tides. Its actually a good place to do tow in surfing when BIG (8ft+) but people rarely surf it.

d) Playa El Toro: this is a beach with about 3 different peaks. You can surf all tides at this beach and change points. Playa el Toro is mostly dominated by local bodyboarders which means technical surfing to enjoy. This are all rocky points, lefts and rights.

e) Lagart Point:  this is a slab / sandy / rocky bottom RIGHT hander. It can turn into a short hollow tube ride. Best tides are low to mid tides.

Other secret spots: YES, there are other perfect secret spots but you would need to have balls to surf them, specially the river mouth shown in the following picture.

- Panama Surf School at Venao Cove

We like to call our place "the quiet end of the beach", and it is truly perfect for people who want to learn how to surf.

During summer, when the swells  keep coming and the water is glistening with sunshine, Playa Venao Surf, known for it's magnificent waves, often gets busy.

People wanting to learn might choose to avoid the hustle-and-bustle at the middle of the beach where the main surf brake is, and paddle out right in front of our Hostel.  At the Cove people will be able to learn without having the fear of being run over by anyone. Its uncrowded and perfect to have a quality surf school experience.