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Hostel Venao Cove Inc.

  • the idea
  • the philosophy
  • the values
  • the target group
  • short term goal
  • long term goal

the Idea

It is our mission to be the most seeked out hostel in Playa Venao.

Happy and content customers, completely satisfied through impecable cleanliness as well as great service, are our priority. We want to constantly live up to our reputation of being a welcoming, relaxed and excellent establishment.

the philosophy

Hostel Venao Cove is a family run and -owned place, with the reputation of always being impeccably clean and to have great customer service.

It is an oasis, in which the guests are to be comfortable and to have everything they need for a relaxed stay at the beach. We have high standarts and are greatful to our staff, who are constantly thriving to provide the best service, both at the front desk as well as regarding the cleaning services.

Furthermore we think it's important to contribute to protecting the natural beauty of this place, after all it is what people come here for! We have left the property in its original state as much as possible. All the trees that where here before us are still here and we have planted many more since we first got here.

One way our guests can contribute is collecting a bag full of beach-plastic. (during green-season, when the winds are on-shore, we can see the impact we leave on this planet quite clearly by the amount of plastic that the ocean spits back at us.) Collect a bag full and reward yourself with a complimentary beer afterwards – our way to thank you.


  1. We create holiday-experiences and lasting memories.
  2. Respect: Everyone deserves our respect.
  3. Community: Environmentally friendly and responsible for future generations.
  4. Integrity: We obey to legal and ethical standarts
  5. Excellency: We are commited to great service!
  6. Internationality: Our front desk personnel is bi-lingual.

the target group

Generally speaking we are a beachfront hostel that provides neat and clean rooms, with a lot of attention to detail but also beautiful in their simplicity. Among our happiest customers seem to be a lot of Europeans – It seems they especially tend to value what we have to offer. Our main-marketing-campaigne is hence directed towards that region.

Even so we host happy and content travelers from all over the globe, we have people staying with us of all age-groups and nationalities, as well as many faithful local customers from around the country.

short-term goal

  • publicity of the hostel
  • maintainance of a good reputation
  • customer service for current and potential clients
  • Execution of business in a way that grants success and enables the best possible applience of human recourses and managment-abilities.

 long-term goal

  • Maintainance of business and increase of income
  • To be the number 1 Hostel in Playa Venao