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Tours of Isla Cañas and Isla Iguana
Tours of Isla Cañas and Isla Iguana

Isla Cañas
Just a fifteen minute drive over a hill with mind blowing views lies the nature reservoir of Isla Canas. The island is one of the worlds largest breeding sites for sea-turtles and tours for turtle-watching can easily be arranged. Peak season for nesting is from July to December, peak season for hatching from August to December.

Isla Cañas has a extensive sandy beach on its southern coast. The Island is located in the disctrict of Tonosi, with 14 km of coastline and 1,200 hectares of live mangrove. It has a small community of locals, a school, electric power, national police and a few mini stores. Cañas town´s economy is based of commercial fishing, clam recollection and agriculture such as watermelon, rice and beans.

Isla Iguana
Named for the large amounts of Iguanas seen on this Island. Isla Iguana offers the perfect setup for a picnic day. You fill find your self surrounded by exotic tropical views, groups of birds, hermit crabs, red crabs, fine sand and yes, many iguanas. Pack some snorkel-geer, a yummy lunch and venture to this Island with its white sand and tropical reefs!