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Veggie Truck Twice a week

The last big Supermarket on the way here is in Las Tablas. There are a few fairly well sorted grocery stores in Pedasi . Venao beach has no Supermarket, however, our hostel does have a mini-store that sells some basics and there are two stores in the bay that have some supplies. The closest little convenience store is in Canas, a tiny town about 10 min. driving past Venao and for a small fee we can take you there and back. Pedasi is a half-hour drive, you can easily catch the bus in the morning, do a shop and come back at noon.

We have a large, fully equipped kitchen for all our guest to use, so it's a good idea to stack up on some groceries on the way down!  Especially if you plan to stay longer!

There is a fruit-and vegetable-truck that comes to the hostel twice a week - mondays and thursdays at around 1:00pm.

Most weeks, usually on Thursdays or Fridays, there will also be a truck coming that sells fish or shrimp.