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Perhabs the most interesting and certainly the best way to experience some of Panama and to get to Venao Cove is to catch the local bus. This is cheap and more convenient than you may think.

You will either take two busses from Panama City, or one bus for most of the way ( ~4.5 hrs) and then a taxi for the rest of the way (another ~1.5 hrs).The whole journey will take you about 6 hours, but you will be riding a comfortable, airconditioned bus for the most part of the trip.

In case you fly into Panama City in the afternoon it's advisable to spend one night in Panama City and travel on early the next day. In that case you will be able to catch the one connection bus that runs once/day from Las Tablas directly to Venao Cove and arrive there at around 3:30pm. You can also travel straight on when flying into Panama City in the afternoon (make shure to check the bus-schedule), but be aware that in this case you will have to take the taxi from Las Tablas onwards.

If you have decided to go to Venao by public transport:

1. Go to the ALBROOK- BUS-TERMINAL. Taxis from the airport cost about 25 - 30 USD, or you can catch the local bus for 1.50 USD, that leaves from across the road from the airport. From anywhere within the city it's a 3 - 10 USD ride, depending on the amount of people and number of pieces of luggage.

2.Once in Albrook find the ticket booth that says "Las Tablas" and purchase a ticket. Take the direct bus from Panama City to Las Tablas. Note: we recommend you to carry a light sweater/ something to cover up as this is a 4 1/2 - hour ride and most busses are (very) airconditioned.

3.Once you have arrived in the friendly and safe town of Las Tablas you will have to get off and either walk to the other bus-stop or take a taxi there (in case you have a lot of luggage this may be worth it). There is one direct bus from Las Tablas to Venao Beach that leaves at 1:30pm. (see map) Another option is to ride your cab right from Las Tablas  to Venao Cove (Cost ~40USD).

We are located at the end of thre beach , our's is last entrance on Playa Venao, to the left, the bus-drivers know the place.