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Again and again we witness a wonderful thing here at Venao Cove – the creation of friendship, especially amongst people who spend a few weeks here and who, a lot...Read more

this is how you should spend carnaval sunday!

The sun is shining, playa Venao surf is pumping, the water is blue and the kids are content. We spend a beautiful morning on the Venao beach swimming, practising yoga,...Read more


Yes, really. We are actually talking about the weather. We actually like talking about the weather. ;)

It's the middle of December and, finally, it seems the dry-season has...Read more

Here is what you should consider before booking through an OTA (Online Travel Agency) and why you should always look into booking directly with your hostel!

I think it's safe...Read more


Let me, once again, quote dear Rachel, who sat down at lunch the other day, exclaiming: “there is no such thing as a low-season!” It seems like she is right,...Read more


Finally Leaf has given in to our manager Rachel who constantly comes up with ideas of how to make our hostel even better! She had rightfully pointed out that we...Read more