ABOUT BookNow!


We are Leaf and Irene, from Sydney, Australia and Vienna, Austria. Soon after we first met in early 2007 we started talking about the idea of moving to Central America to open up and run a small hostel somewhere by the beach. We wanted to lead a tranquil lifestyle that would include surfing everyday and meeting lots of interesting people from all over the globe. Not the most original idea, we know, but hey – we where in our mid-twenties! ....and in the end it seems like it actually worked out! ;)

Whe started our search in Panama in the year of 2009. At first it didn't seem like this was the place. The "boom" had already happened a couple of years before and we didn't think we would be able to find the piece of land we where looking for. But things often have a way to fall together in the end and unexpectedly we found this gem that today we call Venao Cove.