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hostel venao cove, playa venao panama
Hostel Venao Cove, Playa Venao, Panama

Check-in-time: 2:00pm

Check-out-time: 11:00am

Also available:

- Free internet

- Surfboard-rental : we have various good-quality boards of different shapes and sizes

- laundry-service

- We can organise tours for you

- ice-cold beverages for sale

- mini-shop

Reservation Policies:

We take a non-refundable downpayment-deposit of 50% for all reservations.

Payment of the remaining 50% will be due upon arrival.

Privacy Policies:

At the time of booking we will request personal information from you (such as name, telephone number and email address). We do this in order for us to process your reservation and to organise everything perfectly for your arrival. This information is used for billing purposes and to reserve a room. If there is a problem with a reservation, this information will also allow us to contact you.
We respect your privacy and are committed to the security of the data collected on this Web Site. All information you provide us with is confidential.