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Getting Here Venao Cove
Getting Here Venao Cove

By bus:


Take the direct bus from Panama City to Las Tablas.   Bus-scheduleM

Note: it is recommendet you carry a light sweater/ something to cover up as this is a 4 1/2 - hour ride and most busses are airconditioned.

You will have to change bus-terminals when arriving in Las Tablas. (see map)

There is one direct bus from Las Tablas to Venao Beach that leaves at 1:30pm.

If you don't make that bus, there are hourly buses from Las Tablas to Pedasi leaving from opposite of the supermarket Supercentro Rosa.(see map)

Buses from Pedasi to Venao leave three times a day: 7:30am, 12:00 and 2:00pm. Although: busses often don't leave exactly on time, they might even leave a little bit early sometimes.

After 2:00pm the only way to get to Venao is by Taxi.

Taxis from Las Tablas to Venao are about US$40

Taxis from Pedasi to Venao are about US$25


Venao Cove is the last entrance on Playa Venao, to the left. The bus-drivers know the place. Tell them "la ultima entrada!"


By car:

From Tocumen Airport take the freeway to the city (corredor sur).

Leave the city over the Bridge of the Americas (puente de las americas).   map

After you have crossed the bridge, drive for about 2 1/2 hours until the town of Divisa.    map

You have to really watch out not to miss the turn-off in Divisa (especially driving after dark). This is where you turn off from the pan-american-higway, onto the peninsula of Azuero.


Just before Divisa there are billboards advertising the town and the coast of Pedasi, that’s where you want to be heading. There will be a turnoff to the right, with a small bridge veering to the left, (in a curve above the highway) and then down towards the towns of Chitre, Las Tablas, Pedasiand finally, at pretty much the end of the road, Playa Venao.


It might be smart to have a closer look at the map around the towns of Chitre and Las Tablas – so you can get an idea of where the by-passes are and where to go in case you miss them and end up driving through town.


Note: the last petrol-station is in Pedasi – about~30km before Playa Venao.